Over 31,000 elders applied for Respond, Recover and Rebuild Elder Assistance. A $400 check will be mailed to elders directly, starting this week. For those elders in the reservation, a $1,200 payment will be made soon directly to utility companies. Questions: elders@cherokee.org

Health Services

Community Flu Clinics

Cherokee Nation Health Services is offering free flu vaccinations for Cherokee Nation citizens and their families, including non-Native family members living in the household. Tribal health officials have a number of vaccination clinics scheduled in October through December at community buildings, local businesses, churches, town halls, and health centers throughout the tribe’s 14-county reservation. 

Drive thru flu vaccinations are available at all health centers on 10/14/2020 and 10/22/2020 from 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM.

Flu Vaccination Schedule - Fall 2020

Location Address Date Time
Briggs Community Building 17914 S. 580 Rd., Tahlequah 10/16/2020 9am-12pm
Ketchum Southern Baptist Church 280 Gregory Ave., Ketchum 10/16/2020 9am-11am
Washington County Cherokee Association 395400 W 2900 Rd., Ochelata 10/19/2020 9am-12pm
Native American Fellowship  215 Okla. St., S. Coffeyville 10/20/2020 2pm-4pm
Nowata C.A.N.  111 N. Maple, Nowata 10/23/2020 9am-12pm
Collinsville Tag Office 107 E Main, Collinsville 10/29/2020 9am-12pm
City of Talala 102 W. Watova St. Talala 11/10/2020 2pm-4pm
Oolagah City Hall 225 W. Alta Oolagah 11/10/2020 9am-12pm
Aruba Clinic Collinsville  1021 W. Main St., Collinsvillie 11/30/2020 9am-12pm
Cherokee Nation Complex  17675 S. Muskogee Ave., Tahlequah 11/16/2020 TBD
Vian Peace Center  604 W Scheley St., Vian 11/20/2020 9am-1pm
C. C. Camp Community Building 471660 E. 893 Rd., Stilwell 11/23/2020 9am-12pm
Mid County Community Building 75371 Hwy 59, Westville 11/24/2020 9am-12pm
Lighthouse Bartlesville 1411 W. Hensley Blvd., Bartlesville 11/24/2020 9am-12pm
Porter Bank  724 E. Main St., Locust Grove 12/2/2020 9am-12pm
Rocky Ford Community Building 2383 N. 545 Rd., Tahlequah 12/2/2020 9am-12pm
Washington County Court Clerk’s Office  400 S. Johnstone, Bartlesville 12/2/2020 9am-12pm
Tri-Community WEB Association 17914 S. 580 Rd., Tahlequah 12/3/2020 9am-12pm
Lyons Community Building 463101 E. 914 Rd., Bunch 12/3/2020 9am-12pm
City of New Alluwe 111 Seals Ave., New Alluwe 12/3/2020 2pm-4pm
City of Wann 105 Main St ., Wann 12/3/2020 2pm-4pm
Lakeside Bank of Salina 103 W Ferry St., Salina 12/3/2020 2pm-4pm
Muldrow Cherokee Community Building 603 N. Main, Muldrow 12/4/2020 9am-12pm
Home of Hope 226 West Dwain Willis Ave., Vinita 12/7/2020 9am-12pm
Vinita Trinity Baptist Church 335 N. Smith St., Vinita 12/7/2020 2pm-4pm
Ability Works  501 S. Virginia, Bartlesville 12/8/2020 9am-12pm
First Methodist Church - Locust Grove  703 S Highway 82, Locust Grove 12/8/2020 9am-12pm
911 Office in Sallisaw 106 E Creek Ave., Sallisaw 12/8/2020 2pm-4pm
CAAIR 40152 S. 700 Rd., Jay 12/9/2020 9am-12pm
Stilwell Utilities and Stillwell Courthouse 925 W. Hickory St.,Stilwell 12/9/2020 2pm-4pm
Mary Martha Bartlesville  1845 W. Hickory St., Bartlesville 12/10/2020 2pm-4pm
First Baptist Church Salina 110 N Ross St., Salina 12/10/2020 2pm-4pm
Torrey Place 901 SE 3rd St., Bartlesville 12/14/2020 9am-12pm
Park Hill Baptist Church 22432 S. Hwy. 82, Park Hill 12/14/2020 9am-12pm
Ramona City Hall 400 2nd St., Ramona 12/15/2020 9am-11am
Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office 611 SW Adams Blvd., Bartlesville 12/15/2020 2pm-4pm
Tahlequah Fire Dept. 125 E. Chickasaw St., Tahlequah 12/16/2020 2pm-4pm