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Health Services

Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Rendering of Coronavirus.

As the situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19) evolves, Cherokee Nation Health understands the public concern for a potential outbreak in our area.
Health Services is actively working with our partners at the federal and state level to assure we are ready to serve the needs of our patients, families, and communities. 
Across our health system, our hospital and health centers are focused on preparing physicians to identify, isolate, and care for patients known or suspected of having COVID-19. A leadership team comprised of physicians, nurses, infection prevention, and other subject matter experts meets daily to review the latest guidance and develop plans to implement the most updated recommendations.

Our patients and communities should know that Cherokee Nation Health Services regularly participates in preparedness drills so that we are equipped to handle the unexpected. Our physicians and staff routinely receive training on how to best protect themselves and our patients.

It is important to remember that health systems frequently confront disease outbreaks, adapting quickly to serve their communities. We have overcome these challenges in the past and stand ready to undertake this most recent challenge. Cherokee Nation Health Services wants to be a source of the most reliable and current information available to keep our patients and communities educated with information they can trust to best protect themselves and their families.


Additional Resources

COVID-19 Testing Education

In an effort to educate our communities, we have provided the following information to answer our most frequently asked questions.


Statistics dashboard for users to search and find important information related to state and Cherokee Nation Health Services COVID-19 case data.

Downloads and Resources

Downloads and resources related to the COVID-19 virus.