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Patient Portal Registration

Patient Portal Registration
There are two ways for patients to register for the patient portal:
  1. Onsite Enrollment: After your next appointment, click on the invitation link provided in an email sent from Cherokee Nation Health Services (CNHS).
  2. Self Enrollment: Register online at https://cherokee.iqhealth.com/self-enroll. (Directions below.)
Onsite Enrollment
At your next appointment or hospital visit, a CNHS team member will help you enroll in the patient portal. If you prefer not to wait until then to enroll, you may do so at https://cherokee.iqhealth.com/self-enroll.
Onsite Enrollment Process At check-in, a team member will ask if you would like to receive an invitation to enroll in the patient portal. Be ready to:
  • Provide your email address.
  • Select and answer a security question as part of the enrollment process for your security protection. Your choices will include birthday, zip code or last four of your Social Security Number.
An email invitation from Cherokee Nation Health Services with a link to complete your registration will be sent to the email address provided.
Register Through Your Email Invitation
  • Click the link in your email from CNHS inviting you to join the patient portal.
  • Complete the registration process and set your password.
  • Once registration is complete, information from CNHS will automatically be sent to your portal.
  • Your invitation will expire after 90 days so please register quickly after you receive the email invitation. You may want to check your spam in case your invitation is not recognized by your software.
You will receive a reminder if you haven’t activated the code after 7 days, and then again after 30 days from the time your invitation was sent. These are the only reminders you will receive during the 90-day period.
Online Self-Enrollment
This option is only available for patients who have visited a Cherokee Nation Health Services location. If you prefer to register yourself prior to your next visit, you may complete the form at https://cherokee.iqhealth.com/self-enroll. Self-enrollment is available Nation Health Services patients who are age 13 or older who don’t currently have access to the new CNHS patient portal. Self-enrollment is currently not available for children, caregivers or guardians. If you manage the health of a patient, talk to the patient’s health care provider during the next visit to receive a personal invitation to view their health information.
Self-Enrollment Process
  • Go to https://cherokee.iqhealth.com/self-enroll to enroll.
  • Enter your demographic information and click "Next."
  • Enter your verification information and click "Next, Create Your Account."
  • Enter your email address under "I Need an Account" and click "Sign Up."
  • Enter your demographic information, create your account username and password, select and answer a security question, and agree to the Cerner patient portal terms of use and privacy policy and click "Create Account."
You will receive an email notifying you when new information is available on your portal. This includes information about any visits, lab work, etc. and answers to any questions you have to your physician or other provider.
If during the self-enrollment process your identity cannot be matched to a patient record, you will be notified that you do not qualify for self-enrollment. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Simply contact your provider office and request an invitation to join the patient portal.