Health Services


CNHS Eyeglass Program

The CNHS Eyeglass Program through Purchased & Referred Care (Contract Health) is designed to provide a source of funding to eligible patients that have received eye examinations by an eye care provider within the Cherokee Nation Health Services to assist the patient with the purchase of eye wear, if indicated. The program is in effect only as long as funds are available and will be applied to patients on a first come first serve basis.


Beginning August 17, 2020: Patients must be a citizen of the Cherokee Nation. Patients are eligible for the program at one clinic location only.


  1. The program will distribute a voucher to optical vendor for up to $200 toward the purchase of eyewear. 
  2. If a patient has vision insurance coverage they must use their insurance or they cannot use the program. The program will continue to pay the material co-pay required by insurance companies.
  3. Replacement cost of any breakage of eye wear, after the eye wear has been dispensed to the patient, will be the responsibility of the patient should there be any costs to repair/replace.
  4. All patients must be examined by an eye care provider within the Cherokee Nation Health Services Group.
  5. An eligible patient may participate in the program only once within a 24-month period.
  6. All patients must have a dilated eye exam in order to qualify for consideration in the program for the eye wear, unless deemed unnecessary by the eye care provider.
  7. There must be a minimum prescription of -+0.50 diopters, or a change of the same amount if currently wearing eye wear, or major damage/wear and tear to habitual frames or lenses so as to make eyeglasses non-functional (will be at the doctor’s discretion). If the eye care provider determines that new glasses will not improve the vision of the patient, the patient is not eligible to participate in the program.

Payment Process

  1. The fee slip will be used to submit eligible patient request for participation in the program from the eye clinic to the Purchased Referred Care Department (PRC) (formerly CHS).
  2. PRC personnel will enter the information as required for payment and will give the eye clinic personnel a weekly PO report.
  3. PRC personnel will send the PO and fee slip to the Cherokee Nation complex for processing and payment to prospective vendor.
  4. Eye Clinic personnel will send the log form to vendor in order to assist in reconciling the eyeglasses payments received from the Cherokee Nation.
  5. Any complaints, concerns, or problems must be submitted in writing to the Clinic Administrator and handled according to established clinic policy regarding complaints.