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Hearing Aide Program


  • The patient must receive a referral to the audiology clinic from a primary care provider within Cherokee Nation Health Services for a hearing evaluation.
  • An appointment date, time, and any applicable paperwork will be mailed to the patient. The patient will need to bring the paperwork, if any, with them to their appointment.
  • The patient may call the audiology clinic to be added to the cancellation list if needed.

Hearing Evaluation:

  • The patient will have a full audio-logical evaluation completed by one of our board-certified audiologists.
  • Based on the results from the evaluation, the audiologist will recommend the most appropriate hearing aid for the patient’s hearing loss.
  • A hearing test must be completed by the Cherokee Nation Health Services Audiology Clinic - outside hearing evaluations will not be honored.

Hearing Aid Coverage:

If the patient is a citizen of Cherokee Nation, then the patient will receive 100% hearing aid coverage for the hearing aid(s) recommended by the audiologist.

If the patient is a member of a different federally recognized tribe, Cherokee Nation will provide coverage for one hearing aid recommended by the audiologist. Any additional hearing aid(s) recommended by the audiologist will be paid for privately by the patient. The price for the additional hearing aid(s) is the same price that the clinic would pay based on Cherokee Nation Health Services’ contract with the manufacturer.

Additional coverage may be available based on tribal membership.

Pediatric patients receive 100% coverage for hearing aids recommended by the audiologist, regardless of tribal affiliation.

CNHS Audiology Department
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Phone: 539-234-3450
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